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ESTEC Co-60 Customer Satisfaction: View Response #981

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Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit 

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Moreover, there is no restriction over the prospective use of the loan as borrowers are given leeway to maximise it in whatever activities they wish to invest the loan.

Contact in your organization (your name)

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Task nr 
You can find it in the subject of the e-mail exchanges or in the Radiation Test Summary (eg: RA0001234)

approval guaranteed loans 

1 - Did the services offered meet your requirements?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

2 - Did we provide all services you requested according to the test plan ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

3 - Did we meet the agreed schedule ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

4 - Were our quality assurance measures adequate ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

5 - Did you consider our test equipment appropriate ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

6 - Were the required resources available ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

7 - Did our test summary contain all the required information ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

8 - Did you receive all test data promptly ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

9 - What is your overall rating of the service provided ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

10 - Were you satisfied with the overall lab safety procedures ?

  Not satisfied   Satisfied 

Please add any additional comments to complement your response.

Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit Simple Approaches To Explain Your Obligation Problems

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